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Public Performance Rights are those granted for the public display of a film to an audience outside the privacy of your home. These types of screenings are typically for onetime events, festivals, or semi-theatrical screenings. Pricing structure depends on a number of factors for different kinds of events, listed below.

Public Performance Rights Restrictions

No Admission Charge – If you are not charging admission to your screening, a flat fee of $250 will need to be paid in full before your screening. This fee includes the rental of exhibition format (DVD or Blu-Ray), but excludes shipping and handling.


With Admission Charge – If you will be charging admission to your screening, an advance guarantee of $250 will need to be paid first. Then, after your screening, 50% of the Total Box Office (TBO), minus the advance guarantee will need to be paid to Cassano Visuals LLC. Example below.

Total Box Office (gross): $1,000

50% of TBO (gross): $500
Less Advance Guarantee: $250


The director of the film is available to accompany the film and answer questions after the screening for a small additional fee and travel reimbursement. If this is of interest to your organization, please contact us for pricing details.

If you are a non-profit organization, or would like to use the film as a fundraising tool, we are willing donate our portion of Total Box Office revenue on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if this applies to your organization for more information.

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