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An Educational Use License allows for Limited Performance of the film within your institution to a classroom-sized audience of students for the lifetime of the exact DVD or Blu-ray purchased, without any admission charged.


A discount is applied to Educational Use Licenses used only for K-12 classrooms.


Educational Use License Restrictions

Audience Size – The Program(s) listed on the Invoice may be exhibited to a classroom-sized audience of students. Admission – No admission charged.

Advertising/Marketing/Publicity – May only be promoted to members of the purchasing organization and cannot be advertised to the public.

Venue – Projector and screen must be located in the same location as the classroom-sized audience of students.

If you plan to use your DVD with Educational Use License as part of a screening to an audience larger than a classroom-sized audience and/or will be charging admission, then you should consider the Educational & Public Viewing Package instead.


Ideal for institutions or universities who may want to screen the film multiple times in their community. This package includes a DVD for the institution’s library and unlimited public performance rights for a single campus or location. Additional DVDs and other screening formats can be purchased at an additional price.

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